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Information for your stay in Spain, Andalucia for Holiday home rentals


Frequently asked questions

Andalucia serves everybody's taste! If you're looking for the sun, the sea, the beach and a delightful climate in a region that features great entertainment and countless sights and attractions, then the eastern part of the Costa del Sol is the right answer for you. The towns of Nerja, Frigiliana Maro and Torrox are renowned but not overly popular. This means no mass don't tell anyone. The western part of the Costa del Sol is more dedicated to mass-tourism, however the area of Mijas is still relatively quiet and Mijas-Costa has lovely beaches! Then, on the Atlantic Coast you will find the Costa de la Luz, with long white beaches and blue clear water... and no mass-tourism either. For those who don't mind beaches, we strongly recommend inland destinations such as Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada... a wealth of culture and sightseeing is available.
For most people, Malaga airport is very convenient because many airlines fly there from many airports in Europe. Granada or Almeria airport may be good alternatives if you are staying in the Nerja area. Thos staying on the Costa de la Luz may consider to fly to Sevilla, Jerez de la Frontera or even to Gibraltar!
When you rent your own apartment, vacation house or villa, you have a place all your own where you can feel at home. What's more, this is usually more affordable than a hotel. With you partner, your family or with a larger group. You have the option of having one shared swimming pool for all the guests of an apartment complex or your own private pool in the garden of your villa. You are free to do as you please. Have a barbecue, a cosy dinner at home or go out for a bite in town. You simply have your own address while on vacation. Having all these advantages is wonderful.
Because of these many advantages, the pure pleasure of it and the certainty that we are able to offer. Casitas Select rents villas, houses and apartments with affordable prices. We contract our accommodations directly with owners, so there are no other agencies in between. We have many properties for you to choose from. We are at home in the region, know all of the properties inside and out and are available 24/7 to help with you anything you might need. Having a vacation home with a pool and garden really gives you that holiday feeling but you must also know that it's a little more complicated than renting a hotel room. At your disposal, you will have such devices as a washing machine, a dishwasher, a television with a satellite dish, a pool that has pump and filter system, an electronic gate to gain access to the property and much much more. Everything you need for doing the household chores and to feel at home. Should something unexpectedly go wrong during your stay, then Casitas Select is happy to assist you.
Booking is simple. Please go to and have a look around at our destinations. Choose a holiday accommodation and make sure it meets all your needs. If your choice is available, make the booking. Next, you will need to sign the rental agreement and pay the deposit. It's as simple as that. You can also contact us personally, of course, via our web form, fax or e-mail - all of our contact information can be found on our website.
Yes, it certainly is. In consultation with one our employees, you can choose the ideal accommodation. Remember, after making your telephone booking, the rental offer and confirmation still have to be confirmed via e-mail.
Every accommodation is described on a separate page. Here you will also find the availability calendar detailing occupation. It takes only a quick glance to know whether the accommodation of your choice is available during your holiday period. When you click on a start and end date, the rental price along with the extra service available for booking will appear.
You wish to confer and put a hold on an accommodation. When you book an option, the accommodation will be reserved for you for a few days without any obligation and free of charge. You will then have time to consult with your family or friends and to book the right flight. We will usually hold your option for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the destination and time left before arrival.
Once you have booked, the rental agreement will be sent to you via e-mail. The rental agreement will have all the relevant details you need to know, including, among others, the costs involved.
There are three payment opportunities prior to your holiday. The deposit when you make your booking, the second payment 45 days prior to your start date and the third payment upon arrival. The amounts and dates are clearly stated on the reservation form.
All of our prices are in euros. Upon request, you may also pay in Pound Sterling.
It's always unfortunate when someone has to cancel their holiday. The house has already been reserved. Purchasing cancellation insurance would be wise. We highly recommend it! No cancellation insurance? Renters can cancel the rental agreement up until 60 days before the start of the rental agreement. Upon cancellation, the deposit is forfeited to the rental agency in order to compensate the owner. When the cancellation takes place within the 60 day term prior to the start of the rental period, the renter is obliged to pay a higher amount to the rental agency, depending on the number of days left till the arrival date. More information can be found our general booking conditions.
Privacy laws prohibit us from providing the exact address information before a definitive booking has been made. You will receive the address of the holiday accommodation three weeks before the start date.
All of our contact information can be found on the website. Casitas Select can be conveniently contacted by telephone and e-mail. Our employees speak Spanish, Dutch, French, German and English.
Casitas Select must comply with a strict privacy law. We may only use your personal information for our own booking services and our computer system is optimally protected. Your personal information is absolutely safe with us.
You should bring personal belongings such as clothes and your identification documentation. Your apartment, house or villa is fully-equipped with cooking utensils, tableware, pots and pans and cutlery. You have booked a self-sufficient household. Sheets, bed linen, bathroom towels are also provided and washed regularly. Pool towels are not normally not provided, unless otherwise mentioned, so it's wise to bring those
We have indicated on the page in which area or neighbourhood your accommodation can be found. Once your booking is definitive and you have paid the travel sum in full, you will receive detailed address information. This will include the exact address and coordinates of the holiday accommodation so that you can find it with Google Maps, for example.
For most properties, you will receive the key at the property. In some cases, the key can be picked up at a local offices. I may also occur that the owner or one of our employees is there to welcome you, give you a guided tour of the property and the key. In the key instructions document we send you 3 weeks before arrival, we will provide you with all the necessary details.
This happens occasionally and the key holder will always be ready to receive you upon arrival. Just give him or her a call if you have been delayed in your travels and they take it into account.
It depends on the owner of the holiday address. On our website you can filter your search options on accommodations where pets are permitted. We do ask you to please keep the property as clean as possible and not allow your pet on the sofas, bed or in the pool. Do no forget the animal passport, the required vaccinations, the embedded identification chip or tattoo for your pet (ask your veterinarian).
During the peak season from June through the end of August, the arrival and departure days have been indicated on the online availability calendar. Not all properties require changeover on a Saturday! During other times of the year, varying arrival and departure times are available.
On all destinations, a local key holder is available to help you with whatever you need. In case you have any problems with the language, then you can always call us at Casitas Select so we can help with translation. We are always available during office hours, of course, but can also be reached 24/7 in case of emergencies.
Most properties don't have a telephone connection. This is why you must always make sure that your cellular phone/smart phone will function in Spain and remember to provide us with the number when you book. This way we can always contact each other.
As a tenant you are automatically liable for any possible damage. Yet, it is possible to purchase liability and/or damage insurance - those are available online or you may also speak to you insurance agent. It is important that you report any possible damage incurred. If damage is found after your departure, we will have to deduct this from your deposit amount. If the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, you will be contacted. For more details, please see the reservation terms and conditions.
Every accommodation is provisioned with all the necessary (clean) linen that any normal household requires. In the event that something is missing, the key holder will be happy to supply you with whatever you are missing. Please do note that tea towels are not easily found in Spain so we'd recommend to bring a few yourself.
Yes, you do, but these have already been included in the rental price.
We hope you have good reason to do so because we want you to enjoy your holiday as long as possible. Please contact your local contact person to discuss possible changed departure times. This will help our team to coordinate further cleaning and inspection activities.
Of course, the next tenants will really appreciate it. After your departure, you will receive an e-mail with a questionnaire to evaluate the accommodation. We and our key holders appreciate it if give provide us with your feedback!
In most cases you will be refunded upon departure but not all key holders have enough time to inspect the property immediately. In order to give the key holder ample time to thoroughly inspect the accommodation, the security deposit will be refunded to you within a maximum of 8 days after the rental period has expired.
Are you unsatisfied or is something out of order? Please contact your local key holder immediately or call/e-mail Casitas Select straight away. We will handle your complaint immediately. We will immediately look within our own organization if we can find an answer to your problem or we will consult with the local key holder to find a solution.

Answers for owners!

If you live next door and have enough time and knowledge to do the marketing and reservations yourself, then that may be a good option. But if you have something better to do, Casitas Select would be more than happy to do it for you.
Of course. We are well-known in Andalucia and have sufficient insight into the reliability of the legal owners. This way we are able to carry out all of our rentals with great certainty. We are always considering the long-term and optimal assurance for both parties.
The Casitas Select have many years of experience in the tourism industry and holiday rentals. We have been marketing many properties succesfully since 2003.
You should actually ask all the other owners this question. The answer is: Casitas Select focuses on the Andalucia. We want to be able to get to any property within a few hours by car. Our employees are at home in this region, they know the houses and villas and are very careful when managing your property.
This is where Casitas Select's experience comes in. We have a matrix that can assign a rental value to your property. Every house is unique. Together, we will discuss the desired and the realistic rental revenues. Do you want 100% rentals or would you like to use the house for your own holiday? Together, we can come to a splendid arrangement.
Casitas Select is always there for your guests. When the guests have problems or questions, our employees are always ready to help during office hours and 24/7 in cases of emergency. Our great service is also a benefit to owners because satisfied guests come back as good acquaintances. This is precisely what we are aiming for.
The range that Casitas Select offers can be seen all over the world and browsing, choosing and booking is thereby possible for millions of people 24/7. But the success of your rental also depends on the quality of the holiday accommodation. We are happy to offer you advice and help you achieve that standard of quality. If we work together, we will fill your rental calendar.
No, you are free to offer your holiday accommodation wherever you like. But.....that will not be necessary. Dozens of other rental sites have included the Aguila properties in their own catalogues. When a reservation is made via another supplier, the booking will be placed in Aguila's rental calendar. This simplifies matters and prevents any confusion (in regards to double-bookings and any consequences thereof!).
Then you simply designate this period as "own personal use". You can do this in your own booking environment on the site. Casitas Select offers every owner their own page where all information is kept up-to-date 24/7. As the owner, you will see the reservations made on the rental calendar, any options currently running and the vacant periods. You are therefore free to determine during which period you wish to enjoy a holiday stay in your own apartment, house or villa.
To my friends, for example? Without compensation or rent (or for minimal costs)? You may, but you must then book this period as "own personal use". 
No, in principle, we stick to the agreement per each house. But exceptions may occur in cases involving an entire apartment complex or a number of villas on the same street.
If you enlist the property for rental with us and we are required to make changes in order to reach the standards set by Casitas Select (interior design, appliances, renovations and any possible structural changes), we will deduct these costs from your revenues. After that, there are no additional costs. There are other costs that are the responsibility of the owner, however, and these include: home and content insurance, property taxes, municipal taxes, water and electricity costs, cable television, WiFi, pool and garden maintenance.

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